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Raymond’s Express Travel Services is a Reservation Service Provider please complete the form on the Banquet page for immediate assistance. We are here to service your ON LINE travel needs. We can arrange an affordable payment schedule for you. When we realized how many people were making arrangements online we had to make changes. If you consider planning a group for your family and friends, we will surely provide an incentive package to fit your group needs. We have your car rental, hotel package, luggage, flights and a cruise page designed for featured on line purchases only. We often have specials for our clients only and you can shop the special rates when ever you see fit.

Activities for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter: including amusements, dinner, shows, weekend getaways, and other stops. Want Seats? Buses? Have a mini van and willing to drive a small group? We hope that you will consider your new adventures with us. We can grow together as a network with our Internet connections. We feature travel services, attainable gifts, and paper products for planning. You will receive valuable information once you communicate with us. We are on line weekly during business hours and hold instant message meetings. We are preparing travel webinars and have started our own social network. There are many groups waiting for your membership Registration.

Credit Card purchases are encouraged at any Affiliate on this page. You can select from any of these products now and confirm your arrangements. Money can be a blessing and commission a gift. Your appreciation of this site and happiness with your tour here is our ultimate goal. Acceptance is something that everyone wants to experience. The fulfillment of our clients results in return guest. Take your time and make the right choice.

Hotel Rates and Specials

We appreciate our affiliations and your patronage! May God bless your travels and parties with good memories. We have negotiated the best rates. We have a one time auto reply service for sales and current information if you are interested. We appreciate the communication we have received. We will continue to welcome the travel, tickets and gifts to other cities as well. Your consideration has really been appreciated.

A Therapeutic Get Away Could Be The Triumph Your Marriage Needs and Deserves. Your smiles are our highest accolade. The Internet acumen has helped us to proceed. In business class they teach you to know your competition. We have chosen to work with them rather then against them. Please visit each affiliate on this page for helpful information. You will receive the best services possible.


Raymond's Express specializing in honeymoons, vacations, theme cruises, and meeting planning. Party Eloquence features special events, banquets, wedding paper products, showers and sporting events. Combined we would like to send you where you really would like to be. Socializing is a very healthy activity.

Plan today
Your participation here is appreciated. If you would like to customize a tour please complete the form on the Banquets page. Many people like to complete travel planning themselves. We welcome you to tour our goods and services now.

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Imagine planning the tour of a lifetime. Close your eyes and feel the sea breeze. Feel the warmth of the sun on your face. Listen to the brook near by and relax. Hear the calypso band playing off in a distance. Imagine you and your loved ones anywhere in the world you would like to be.
Raymond's Express started on June 1, 1986 with a dream and a prayer. We have enjoyed completing business training, travel and certification classes with top leading professional instructors to increase our power, knowledge and credibility. We continue to work hard, dream and pray.

Our Team will continue to attend as many major events as possible. Above the degreed programs we received a Certificate of Achievement from Travel Weekly Seminars awarded to P. Dabney our Certified Cruise Specialist. Certifications have also been awarded to P. Dabney from the Government for the Workforce Reinvestment Act. We will continue to upgrade and update all features.

Your special date, event, anniversary, reunion, party, wedding or web page will require:
time, effort, devotion, patience and detail. P. Dabney our builder of this site is organizing a new team of people
who have nothing but time to plan with you.

We have a new one time auto reply service for sales and current information.
Email info@raymondsexptravel.biz to join our mailing list - confirmation required.

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