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Planning with eloquence, We are happy that you selected this page.  The first thing that we would like to do is enhance your comfort level. You can use your credit card in a secure transaction to make your arrangements right now. We respect your privacy and do not share your information with anyone. We are located in Philadelphia. Our   travel   spa events began with   New York   in the 80's. Likewise, our first network Crab Feast was in 1985.

Our creative level can be very affordable. We have located some very secluded locations and inexpensive ones also. Quality, standards, and service separate locations from one individual to the next.

When we are planning together it will be an exciting time. We are able to manage every special detail. Invitations and Announcements are important. Your   theme of the event and colors will be accented with the proper   paper products for cherished keepsakes.   We are using our time effectively, planning for you or with you. We spend valuable time in New York learning and growing. Please visit all of our pages for frequent updates, information and completed meetings.  

Thank You,
Party Eloquence
Raymond's Express

5 reasons to plan with Party Eloquence
1. We are consistent with our products, goods and services.
2. Our enthusiasm, dedication and determination will be difficult to match.
3. We are informed, trained and professional.
4. Our focus is to fulfill your dreams with quality and integrity.
5. We individually have over 20 years experience with planning.

Planning Special Events, includes Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts and Birthday gifts with inscriptions of time. Timeless gifts for the Employee of the month and other special events. There are many quality items with unique styles and values on our Gift page. The discounts are for Internet purchases only. The Bridal Party would appreciate these special gifts also.

If you are not interested in one of our affiliates because of a conflict of interest please send us a message and explain clearly a function of the individual's affiliations that cause you concern. Our Planning Representatives await your completed forms. Please visit the Banquet Page above and complete the form there. Thanks.

Wedding Planning on a budget!

Thank You, Party Eloquence LLC
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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