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Dear Bride & Groom, - Party Eloquence would like to help you with your planning. The wedding ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day. When you exchange you're vows that is the time everyone should be with you. The reception can be lively but matrimony is for the rest of your life. The love you share should be the joy that all your family and friends will witness.

The Wedding ceremony is the foundation for the future. We often hear parents focused on the reception when people are so diversified that the party is not of interest for some people. Many people do not attend receptions because of alcohol consumption, permitted smoking, food allergies, wheel chair accessible locations, and other personal health concerns.

Cyber Planning with Party Eloquence will enable you to take your time, order samples and gather valuable information for your special event day. We offer a variety of services. One; we can track your paper products for your wedding. Two; we help you with your bridal party gift planning. Three; you can do it yourself with the planning products we offer. If you require our assistance please complete the form on this page. In addition we also request a signed agreement. The agreement will protects both of us.

We will suggest a budget to fit your needs. We will schedule payments that will ensure adequate planning. We can help you with incentives for your bridal party. Your honeymoon arrangements can be started on our travel page. We will help you with the planning of unique items for this occasion. The next page in this series is entitled Party Eloquence Impressions. You will be guided directly to the Impression page. When you order the catalogs please include our web site address. Thank you for your order!

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Party Eloquence has negotiated affiliate: wedding favors, wedding invitations, wedding flowers, wedding accessories, elegant wedding gifts, and personalized products. We are accepting applications, free samples and recipes for taste testing.

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