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We = Party Eloquence and Raymond's Express are a part of an Internet business network. Your page would join a system capable of managing multiple requests concurrently with security for a multi user environment. We have spent the past decade with the same server. We have extended our contract at this secured location. We are web host for our pages and yours at both sites. Please complete our form here and now. Each web page that you see is a part of our current network. Each web page is different and classed based upon our current requirements. Our packages will be based upon your request and could change upon demand: applications, files, and memory for the size of your web page. We have used the barter system to keep ourselves and others operational within this economy.

Our contract rates could include: changes to your web page, revisions to your site, photograph uploads, graphics, sounds, music or upgrades you desire in the future. Your payment to us could be direct payment to our suppliers. If your web page is established then you are aware of the page size. We recommend that you increase the size of your package to allow for upgrades and changes. We are web host affiliates with our current network. Annual rates are available upon request. In order to ascertain your needs we have to assess your needs. Here are a few questions on our work sheet. When you reply by email be prepared to answer the questions below. We are not responsible for your copyright materials and your "Intellectual Property" concerns.

Business Automation Management (1979) P. Dabney the builder of this site, she was organizing a new team of people who have nothing but time to plan with you. Her computer experience started with the old school Computer Programming basics, OS Job, Assembler, Cobol, and RPGII. Continuing my education included Ansi-C, DOS Job, Advanced Cobol, and Business Applications in Fortran. Now the new school Certifications in HTML, XML, CSS and other trinkets were being added to her dossier while training J. Dabney and the up and coming staff. Wonderful work in progress! She was startled by a heart attack, then a stroke, followed by eight hours of open heart surgery. Her day to day life has changed.

Business Systems Analysis and Designed was her favorite class. She completed Economics and Business Management just to name a few. The growth of the Internet continually keeps Ray Ex and Party El learning and training. Past, beta testing for Microsoft has increased our materials, new techniques and provides us with additional opportunities. We are always making changes and updates. We are looking for the special people who will use our on line services and generate a revenue stream so we can get back on our feet. Designing Accessible Websites was a goal and Pamela with Jab completed all 508 classes in (2009). Please complete the form on the Banquet Page for other planning request and general purchase information.

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